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For us economics and sustainability go hand in hand.

We view the economic success of a company as an integral part of corporate social responsibility. Sustainable business and the sustainable management of the company are also instrumental in helping us to avert the risks inherent in the development of business and to exploit opportunities. Our intention is to secure sustainable competitive advantage and the long-term success of Phoenix Solar. From the company’s beginnings as a private solar initiative in Germany, we have played a major role since 1999 in ensuring that photovoltaics becomes increasingly competitive and in accelerating its broad-based introduction into markets all over the world.

You will find more information on responsible company management and control at Phoenix Solar under the "Corporate Governance" heading.

Quality management

Phoenix Solar works together with local sub-contractors in the respective markets. These sub-contractors are selected in accordance with groupwide quality standards. Modules and inverters are also subject to stringent quality controls. Construction processes are certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. More information can be found under the sections on "Environmental management system" and "Certified power plant construction".

Opportunities and risk management

Our opportunities and risk management system is geared to identifying individual risks, analysing them in a transparent way and outlining suitable options for control. Beyond risks to the company as a going concern, activities, events and developments are recorded if they might exert a significant influence on the success of the company’s business in the future. The objectives, processes and distribution of tasks in the context of risk management are documented in the Risk Management Manual of Phoenix Solar AG. You will find details on this topic in the current version of the Opportunities and Risk Report.

Sustainability Rating 2011

Phoenix Solar has become a constituent of the Kempen SNS SRI Universe and is listed as a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

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